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SureScan Corporation has announced that its x1000 CT Explosives Detection System (EDS) has been certified by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The SureScan x1000 is the first TSA certified multi-energy stationary gantry CT EDS for checked baggage screening, representing a next generation solution of CT EDS design and detection technology.

Through the application of advanced engineering and technology, the x1000 can adapt to current needs and emerging threats throughout its lifecycle.

“We have engineered a system that is future proof,” said LeeAnn Levesque, President and CEO of SureScan. “The x1000 satisfies every need of the market place. Offering the perfect combination of advanced engineering and next-generation technology it is a best-in-class solution that represents a new industry standard and we are pleased to introduce the x1000.”

Built from the ground up for checked baggage screening rather than as an adaptation of a medical technology, like many systems, the x1000 is the most unique, high performing and economical solution in the market today.

Its innovative use of proven CT technology enhanced with the implementation of multi-energy detection for atomic number analysis enables the x1000 to provide low false alarm rates, and the highest level of accuracy of current and emerging threat detection.


The system architecture creates key advantages such as a stationary gantry with no moving parts enabling customers to experience far lower maintenance and part replacement costs resulting in a much lower cost of ownership. In addition, benefits include:

– A large rectangular tunnel throughout for jam-free, faster throughput
– Greatly reduced power consumption
– Operational efficiencies such as cooling and zero impact self-calibration
– Software upgrades for increased belt speeds and threat detection algorithms

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