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Enhanced HD camera

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IndigoVision's Enhanced High Definition (HD) cameras include the latest camera sensor and processor technology, delivering crisp HD video and advanced camera intelligence while reducing total security project costs.

As camera resolution increases from Standard Definition to HD, more network data is transmitted from the camera, making video distribution difficult, particularly over wide area networks or wireless infrastructure. There is also a significant increase in data, which raises storage costs.

Many IP video security systems use weaker camera sensors and processor hardware, resulting in signal noise, poorer video quality, huge bandwidth requirement and less intelligence in the camera. To overcome the resulting video network distribution issues these systems compromise by reducing framerate or accepting poorer quality video. Security managers don’t see this until the cameras have been installed, and then question the benefit of HD video.

When designing the IndigoVision Enhanced HD camera range, the company’s engineers set out to develop HD security cameras that would not compromise live and recorded video quality, irrespective of distance from the camera location.

IndigoVision’s Enhanced HD cameras feature the latest 1/2.7 camera sensor technology providing HD picture detail and clarity. Combined with dual pixel Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and a Mechanical IR cut filter, high image quality is still delivered even under challenging lighting conditions. IndigoVision’s dual processor technology has been upgraded with the latest Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and ARM processors.


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