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Enhance direct-to-card printer line

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HID Global has unveiled a major update to its FARGO Direct-to-Card (DTC) printer line that significantly expands the secure issuance capabilities for small, medium and large private and government organizations producing ID, access control, payment and loyalty cards.

One of the most widely-adopted printer/encoder lines on the market, the company’s enhanced FARGO DTC printers now feature an embedded multi-technology iCLASS SE Encoder to simplify card technology migration and personalize large ID card batches, all from within the printer. The DTC portfolio also includes expanded in-line personalization features that offer faster speeds and increased flexibility with the optional wireless accessory module that allows users to issue cards at anytime, from anywhere.

“Since its original launch in 2010, our FARGO DTC line of printers have been relied on more than any other brand to produce hundreds of millions of secure identification credentials around the world,” said Craig Sandness, vice president of product marketing, Secure Issuance with HID Global. “The breadth and depth of HID Global’s secure issuance solutions is simply unmatched in the industry and with these new DTC enhancements, our printers are now 50 percent faster, dramatically saving issuance time for our customers while reinforcing our dedication to continually increasing the value of their Genuine HID investments.”

Enhancements to HID Global’s proven DTC line are designed to further streamline and improve card and ID issuance while making it easier to enroll, personalize and issue higher volumes of cards with faster throughput and a variety of new security, encoding and mobile issuance options. Key features include:

In-line Physical Access Control Data Programming/Encoding:  HID Global’s FARGO DTC printers can be specified to include the multi-technology iCLASS SE encoder, which enables all credential creation, encoding, personalization and management for large ID card batches to be performed inside the printer, in a single issuance step that significantly reduces administrative burden and hardware costs. The DTC units simplify migration from current, more inefficient and expensive credential technologies, such as magstripe cards, to high-frequency smart cards, and support future card technologies. Cards can be encoded with unique company or employee information, and programmed to work with a variety of physical access control systems, anywhere in the world, depending on the permissions written onto the card. Users can streamline all card ordering, inventory management and issuance processes while maintaining maximum flexibility, security and end-to-end operational control.


Faster Print Speeds: The new, substantially faster DTC printers dramatically improve the efficiency of the issuance process.  They can be used to produce 50 percent more cards in the same given time period as the company’s earlier DTC models, and they can deliver cards to users 50 percent more quickly than was previously possible.

– “Anytime, Anywhere” Mobile Issuance:  The enhanced DTC printers give users the flexibility to produce cards from any location, at any time, when using HID Global’s Asure ID card personalization software on a Windows 8 Pro Tablet over a secure wireless network. An optional Wi-Fi accessory connected to any FARGO DTC printer/encoder eliminates the need for wall-mounted Ethernet jacks and cables. The solution gives users a wide range of capabilities for secure, on-demand credential enrollment and printing in the field, including the flexibility to add bar codes, company logos and a wide variety of visually-rich, full-color card personalization options.

HID Global’s latest FARGO DTC portfolio includes four printers that offer customers a variety of options for fast, affordable, secure card issuance.  Each printer features AES-256 data encryption support, can be specified with a built-in iCLASS SE encoder and can be used with HID Global’s Wi-Fi accessory for mobile card enrollment and issuance:

– FARGO DTC1000Me monochrome printer: offers the smallest footprint of any monochrome printer on the market.
– FARGO DTC1250e color printer: the fastest printer in its class, enabling users to produce 50 percent more cards in the same amount of time as with other printers with the same edge-to-edge color quality, up to a maximum of 225 cards per hour.
– FARGO DTC4250e and DTC4500e professional-grade color printers: offers even higher security with optional locking card hoppers (DTC4500e) and printer password protection.  These high-throughput printer/encoders also include Ethernet connectivity and are field-upgradeable, simplifying equipment migration to higher levels of security through the use of holographic or fluorescent (UV) overlaminates and dual-sided printing to include additional visual elements. The DTC4500e provides the best cost-per-card profile and is ideal for fast, high-capacity printing and encoding of highly secure, forgery-resistant credentials.

The new printers join one of the industry’s broadest lines of trusted, fully interoperable secure issuance products and now include an extended three-year manufacturer’s warranty which matches the proven quality and reliability of the company’s sixth-generation DTC technology.

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