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Discover the future of security with ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions at the Security Canada Central (CANASA) show! Visit our booth to explore cutting-edge access solutions and connect with industry experts. Don't miss out!
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The Harmonize Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) Plug-In, developed by BCD, is a flexible and vendor-agnostic solution for security and surveillance systems. It seamlessly connects diverse security components, such as cameras and servers, to a central hub, enabling real-time monitoring and proactive issue resolution. What sets it apart is its compatibility with various Video Management System (VMS) providers, breaking free from vendor lock-in. BCD offers 20 free licenses with each system, making it accessible to a wide audience, and users can easily upgrade for more comprehensive system integration, including access control, HVAC, and more.
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Providing integrated security solutions across Canada, including:

Criminal Record Checks
Threat Risk Assessments
Mobile Alarm Response
Non-Core policing

Commissionaires is Canada’s only national not-for-profit security provider and largest private sector employer of veterans of the CAF, RCMP, and police services. We offer quality service and expertise from highly trained, skilled and experienced professionals. Contact us to see how we can protect your people, property and business, today.
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From real-time threat detection to proactive security measures, AI empowers businesses. Read the article to uncover how AI can elevate your safety strategy.
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HID Mobile Access opens a new world of discovery. Using a mobile device — such as your smartphone, tablet or wearable — easily open more doors, gates, networks and services.

Convenience and operational efficiency without compromising on security.
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dormakaba PowerPlex 2000 locks generate their own power with every turn of the lever, making it the most efficient and versatile electronic lock available, perfect for outdoor or remote applications. This electronic lock requires no batteries or wiring to or through the door, eliminating the risk of damage from pinched wires. PowerPlex is a sustainable solution that supports up to 100 unique PIN access codes and an audit trail, removing the problems and costs associated with issuing and controlling keys.

No wires. No batteries. No problem.
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Known for providing reliable solutions, we are proud to offer an access control system that meets strict quality standards. As your single point of contact for all intercom and access control projects, we will help you save time and avoid having to determine crossproduct compatibility between manufacturers. We take out the guesswork, delivering timely results with efficiency. With our promise, you are assured of getting the quality and support you have come to expect.
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