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Come meet Joe Meijer, an AHC and LEED AP professional, at CANASA. With expertise in architectural hardware and sustainable design, Joe is a valuable resource for industry insights and solutions. Don't miss the opportunity to connect with him and explore the latest developments in access control and eco-friendly building practices.
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Maximize your hardware investment with a virtualized architecture solution from BCD. Our secure and scalable infrastructure optimizes system resources while keeping costs and truck rolls in check. Defend against data loss, boost ROI, and lower total cost of ownership with independent resource scalability, automatic failover, centralized management, and cloud compatibility for immediate disaster recovery. Schedule a demo today to discover how BCD simplifies system management and building automation for smart cities, healthcare, and more mission-critical industries all over the world.
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Staying informed about cybersecurity and potential threats is more important than ever before. Last week, Canadian Security partnered with Calian to provide a wealth of resources related to cybersecurity, data exhaust, SOC-as-a-service, ransomware and much more. Catch up on what you missed now.
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Over the years, parking management has undergone a significant evolution. Shifting customer demands and advancements in technology have prompted a thorough re-evaluation of how enclosed parking facilities are overseen. This article explores the various areas of this progression, and highlights the challenges and opportunities encountered by parking managers. Read on to discover insights on enhancing the management of your enclosed parking facilities.
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Groove Identification Solutions specializes in helping organizations protect Employees, Visitors and Contractors with innovative technology.
  • Visitor and Contractor Management
  • Photo Identification Printers and Repair Service
  • HID Mobile Credentials, Proximity, iClass and Mifare
  • Badge accessories, & Custom Lanyards

Advice, Support & Value Since 2006. 

1-888-940-3645 or email us at info@groovebadges.com
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HID Mobile Access opens a new world of discovery. Using a mobile device — such as your smartphone, tablet or wearable — easily open more doors, gates, networks and services.

Convenience and operational efficiency without compromising on security.
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Deliver seamless access control and better experiences for users and visitors with efficient, secure, and flexible SALTO smart access control solutions. SALTO secures events for a variety of recreational customers including minor league and little league world series baseball venues. SALTO delivers winning electronic access hardware and software management solutions.
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With 35 years of experience delivering value-driven solutions to security companies, TEAM Software by WorkWave can help you overcome industry challenges, because we’ve been there.

We started out as a security company, and when we couldn’t find a software solution to meet our back-office, financial and operations needs – we built one.

Now, we’re committed to helping you with everything from changing compliance needs to evolving contracts. Our solutions are built to manage your specific needs.
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