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About Us


SSRG specializes in providing industry-leading integrated security solutions for remote and industrial environments. We offer innovative, value-driven security services and unparalleled industry expertise to clients across Canada.

Our full suite of solutions includes:
  • risk assessments and investigations
  • customized guard and enhanced guard force programs
  • security and safety technology
  • traffic control and flagging
  • parking enforcement
  • patrols and fire watch
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Greet visitors from anywhere using a choice of physical stations, software stations, and mobile apps, which is a combination you cannot get from any other manufacturer.

Perfect for commercial, residential, and mixed used properties, this one system provides benefits to keep people safe. Visitor screening, telephone dialing, and integration are just the tip of the iceberg on what this trusted system can do to secure your facilities.

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Zero Trust has been stretched in many directions over its 20-year evolution – so it’s time to get back basics in order to understand how and where it fits within your security strategy.

From practical implementation strategies to real-world use cases, join Ameet Naik, Director of Product Marketing, SASE at Zscaler, and David Senf, National Cybersecurity Strategist at Bell, for an interactive webinar where they will share insights into secure access service edge (SASE) and its intersection with Zero Trust so that you can confidently embark on your journey towards Zero Trust security.

Attendees of the webinar are eligible to secure 1 ISC2 credit.
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Recent tragedies and ongoing concerns about school violence underscore the reality that, despite significant investments in security technologies, resources, and training, many schools and districts are inadequately prepared to address a crisis event.

Join us on June 12th at 1PM for this 20-minute DA education talk, a school security expert will outline effective strategies to bolster school safety, using a 5-step approach that will help district leaders prepare for and prevent a future crisis. Topics will include…
  • The 5 P’s (Planning, Process, Protocol, Practice, Prevention) of effective school safety planning
  • The importance of identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities
  • How to develop and implement emergency lockdown plans
  • The role of access control in enhancing physical security
  • How to establish a proactive approach focused on prevention
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