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Brought to you by Groove Identification Solutions
Groove Identification Solutions helps businesses protect Employees, Visitors and Contractors with innovative technology. Call 1-888-940-3645
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Don't expect quick fixes in 'red-teaming' of AI models. Security was an afterthought

White House officials concerned by AI chatbots' potential for societal harm and the Silicon Valley powerhouses rushing them to market are heavily invested in a three-day competition at the DefCon hacker convention in Las Vegas.

National security committee submits classified report about RCMP federal policing

A committee of parliamentarians that oversees national security has submitted a report to the prime minister about the RCMP's federal policing mandate.

Canadian evacuees tell of chaotic scenes in Maui wildfire 'war zone'

Canadians returning from Maui have told of harrowing scenes during their escape from the fire-devastated Hawaiian island.


Upgrade your building's safety with our premium exit devices!

Introducing Sargent PE80, PED4000, and Corbin Russwin PED5000. These new exit devices are meticulously designed to be durable, secure, and easy to operate while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Our cutting-edge technologies have redefined security for commercial, educational, and healthcare facilities. Enjoy unbeatable protection against vandalism and unauthorized entry, thanks to the multiple enhanced security features that provide unparalleled resistance. Elevate safety standards with the best exit devices on the market.
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Canadians divided over retailers' anti-theft measures, poll finds

Less than half of Canadians believe retail stores are implementing the right amount of security measures to prevent shoplifting but the majority say they would feel safe working in one, a new Leger poll found. » Read full article
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SALTO Delivers Smart Electronic Access Control

Deliver seamless access control and better experiences for users and visitors with efficient, secure, and flexible SALTO smart access control solutions. SALTO secures events for a variety of recreational customers including minor league and little league world series baseball venues. SALTO delivers winning electronic access hardware and software managment solutions.
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OPINION: Canadians are unprepared for natural hazards. Here's what we can do about it

Over the last year, Canada has made important progress toward making it easier for people to determine if they’re at risk from natural hazard disasters. But many people across the country still lack awareness about the risks they face and the steps they can take to prepare for them. » Read full article

Ransomware fallout, softer demand weigh on Indigo's first-quarter results

The aftereffects of a ransomware attack and challenging macroeconomic conditions weighed on Indigo Books & Music Inc.'s first-quarter results, said CEO Peter Ruis. » Read full article

Police using social media accounts as Meta begins blocking news for Canadians

Police services across Canada are grappling with how they will relay emergency information, including breaking news and details of missing persons, once Meta begins permanently removing news from its social media platforms. » Read full article

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Software that works harder, so you can work smarter.

After supporting top security firms for the past 35 years, our proven solutions continue to drive efficiency, profitability and growth in the following ways:

  • Providing usable data for deep dives into business inner workings
  • Reporting tools that use repeatable data to inspire knowledge based decision-making
  • Connecting all the dots to highlight patterns forming across an organization

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Location: Dallas, Tex.
Date: September 11-13, 2023
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Canadian Security Honours

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: October 17, 2023
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Security • Police • Fire Career Expo - Calgary

Location: Calgary, Alta.
Date: October 24, 2023
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Security Canada Central

Location: Toronto, Ont.
Date: October 25-26, 2023
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