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Naloxone kits mandatory in high-risk Ontario workplaces

As of June 1, workplace safety legislation mandates what the government has called “high-risk” workplaces to have a naloxone kit available.

The changing role of security personnel

Is there a future for human guards in this age of multidirectional cameras, AI and advanced access control security systems? The answer is yes, but not with the same job duties or skillsets as in years gone by.

Emerging trends in modern building management

To efficiently oversee the many aspects of a building’s continued smooth operation, it is essential to streamline security, maintenance and tenant feedback.


Access control made simple.

Configuration isn’t a big deal at 2N. In fact, we expect it. Create the ideal solution to fit your situational need. Thanks to our open IP platform and scalable network infrastructure, you can adapt to changes in your project as they come. A modern access control system combines new technologies and trends to raise the standard of how people access buildings, such as homes and offices, to an unprecedented level. There are new standards in residential access – discover the 7 key pillars of modern building access control for your next design project.
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Security Director of the Year 2022: David Sulston

David Sulston, security director at Oxford Properties, is the 2022 award recipient based on his leadership of a body-worn camera project for frontline security professionals. » Read full article

Ontario creates security grant for cultural and faith-based organizations

The Ontario government has created a new Anti-Hate Security and Prevention Grant designed to help cultural and faith-based organizations implement or enhance security measures. » Read full article

Retailers try to curb theft while not angering shoppers

By trying to solve one problem, these businesses may be creating another: turning off shoppers with overreaching measures. » Read full article

Security Director of the Year 2023 open for nominations

Do you know a senior leader who is shaping the future of security? Consider nominating them for Security Director of the Year. » Read full article


BOMA International Conference & Expo

Location: Kansas City, Mo.
Date: June 24-27, 2023
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IACLEA Annual Conference & Expo

Location: Orlando, Fla.
Date: June 27-30, 2023
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IAHSS Ontario Chapter Golf Challenge

Location: Station Creek Golf Club, Gormley, Ont.
Date: July 10, 2023
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