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Northwest Territories government spent $716,000 to address cybersecurity breach

The territory says the cybersecurity threat was contained and remediated without the exposure of personal or private information.

Poll suggests Canadians feel less safe than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic hit

A new poll suggests most Canadians feel they’re less safe now than they were before the COVID-19 pandemic, and most think the provincial and federal governments are doing a poor job of addressing crime and public safety.

CSIS warns ‘smart city’ technology can open door to attacks, foreign interference

Taking the necessary steps to address the security threats of smart cities will require informed discussion and consultation at all levels of government, the CSIS report says.


The SALTO XS4 Original+ Electronic Lock

The SALTO XS4 Original+ innovates our flagship product with the introduction of Hardware Secure Element (HSE) technology, and offers compatibility with past, current, and future SALTO platforms. The XS4 Original+ has a faster processor and is compatible with BLE, NFC, DESFire EV2, MIFARE Plus, MIFARE, Ultralight C, MIFARE Classic, BLUEnet wireless, and HSE.
» Visit us at: saltosystems.ca

SWITCH BC revamps violence prevention training for people working in health-care settings

B.C.’s refreshed Provincial Violence Prevention Curriculum will update mandatory training for people working in health care to reflect current and diverse work environments, grounded firmly in cultural humility, diversity, trauma-informed understanding, and other best practices. » Read full article

Oil and gas sector routinely targeted by cyberattackers, experts say

Cybersecurity experts say they aren’t surprised by the revelation contained within a package of leaked U.S. intelligence documents suggesting Russian-backed hackers successfully gained access to Canada’s natural gas distribution network. » Read full article

The changing role of security personnel

Is there a future for human guards in this age of multidirectional cameras, AI and advanced access control security systems? The answer is yes, but not with the same job duties or skillsets as in years gone by. » Read full article

Internal documents show what RCMP considered ‘lessons learned’ from ‘Freedom Convoy’

After policing the “Freedom Convoy,” the RCMP came away with lessons learned, newly released documents show — including the need to better prepare for the potential targeting of emergency phone lines. » Read full article


ASIS Edmonton: Fortify Conference

Location: Edmonton, Alta.
Date: April 19-20, 2023
» More Info

ASIS Toronto Best Practices

Location:Toronto, Ont.
Date: May 3, 2023
» More Info

Advance: Women in Security

Date: May 17, 2023
» More Info