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Did you know that your employees' smartphones and wearable devices can be used to gain access to secure areas, networks and services?

No more physical cards or keys to lose. No more passwords to forget or reset. No more compromised security.

Mobile access is the future — and this new eBook from HID, the world leader in access control, explains why companies of all types and sizes are making the switch now. For starters, mobile access offers more:
  • Security — By leveraging the advanced encryption and data privacy technologies already built into mobile devices
  • Convenience — Replaces traditional physical access cards, keys and fobs with the mobile devices your employees and visitors always have on hand
  • Sustainability — Reduces waste and unnecessary costs by eliminating plastic cards and card issuance hardware
  • Flexibility — Can be incorporated into workplace or tenant experience applications using extensive API/SDK integration tools

Get ready to offer your employees, tenants and visitors more efficient, more productive and more connected access. The possibilities are endless — and the time to get started is now.

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