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Clearing a path to productivity. A path to win. It's right there in our name. At Winsted, we build security command centers that help you complete your mission.

Sit/stand continuous use technical desks. Seamless integration. Impeccable detail. Inspired design. A higher functioning form and function. A furniture system of intelligent ergonomics to become an extension of body and mind.

Our custom consoles are built with engineering, ergonomics, aesthetics, and technical requirements in mind. Designed from the floor up for distraction minimization and focus maximization. We create control rooms where operator and workspace become one - turning demanding specs and unique installations into a harmonious concert of comfort and control.

Meeting all ISO and OSHA guidelines. Exceeding all expectations.

Mission accomplished.

10901 Hampshire Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN 55438
TEL: 800.447.2257
FAX: 952.944.1546
EMAIL: info@winsted.com