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Details of B.C. couple terror plot heard in court

A jury has heard that a B.C. couple accused of plotting a terrorist attack at the provincial legislature considered changing the plan so they could carry it out on Canada Day.

John Nuttall and Amanda Korody were captured on video in June 2013 discussing the challenges of planting homemade pressure-cooker bombs in a way that would avoid detection amid heightened security and Canada Day crowds.

Nuttall says it would be less risky to pick another day to target the legislature, but he points out that carrying out their scheme on the national holiday would send a much larger message.

Nuttall repeatedly expresses concern that security guards or police might spot them planting the bombs, so he suggests kidnapping a guard if necessary.

Nuttall says they could then use the security guard to demand the release of Omar Khadr.


The video was recorded as part of a months-long RCMP undercover operation that ended with Nuttall and Korody’s arrest.

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