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Technology can add a great amount of support to the public safety space. From smart traffic to predictive policing, technology has seen a significant increase in doing more with less. High-quality video technologies, IoT sensors and analytics are delivering numerous benefits in public safety and security, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring. How can we incorporate surveillance solutions to help on the security AND safety front?

Maintain and analyze traffic flow

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic drop in use of public transport, putting more cars, bicycles and pedestrians on the street. To allow for an efficient flow of traffic, data and insights from video-based traffic management solutions help cities react to these changes in urban mobility. When the pandemic ends, the same solutions can be used to analyze daily traffic, minimize gridlock and make improvements that will maintain control of intersections, simplify incident management, and monitor the status of pedestrians and cyclists.

Make life smarter in the city with remote monitoring

Knowing what is going on around you is key in many applications. Video from multiple remote sites can be centrally monitored to provide complete situational awareness and the possibility to react to events in real time. Remote monitoring benefits all kinds of applications, from data centers to national parks to health care facilities.

Improve crowd management

As our cities grow, so do the crowds. Many people in one place challenge both the infrastructure and security of a city, so it is essential to be able to oversee and guide large groups of people. By understanding crowd dynamics and behaviour, it is possible to maintain and improve public safety? Axis solutions offer high quality video to help count people, monitor social distancing and gather insights for further improvements. Automated notifications, based on pre-set rules, can help safety authorities redirect people and traffic, or plan and execute evacuations.


Wearable technology that works

Axis body worn camera solutions let you store and handle video on-site or in the cloud, using your systems or ours. Body worn cameras are simple to use in the field by officers and security personnel who may be in stressful situations, poor weather conditions or poorly lit areas. Use our body worn solution to investigate scenes, provide training opportunities and much more or check out the recent press release from Town of New Windsor, NY to see how they plan to use it.

Protect valuable data

Staying compliant with safety and security regulations means that you must be able to detect, verify, identify, track and deter intruders from your data center in real-time. The same tools – a combination of cameras and access control – can be used to grant access to visitors from one location and over multiple sites for greater convenience.

All of the scenarios we highlight are all addressed with smart solutions which allow us to adhere to pandemic regulations today while investing in greater convenience and efficiency tomorrow.

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