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CyberLock eCylinders and programmable keys

The CyberLock access solution incorporates the mechanical lock hardware that is already being used in a facility. No wiring or structural changes are required to retrofit existing locks. Simply replace each mechanical lock's core with a CyberLock eCylinder to have full-featured electronic access control.

The CyberLock system allows you to track traffic throughout your facility, even in isolated areas that have no available power. You can control, and know who and when someone has accessed any area of your operations from office doors and server cabinets to smart padlocks on entry gates. The electronic locks and keys record lock openings including exceptions such as unauthorized attempts to gain entry. The system’s email alerts and audit reporting of each person’s key and lock activity keep management updated so informed decisions can be made when potential security issues arise.

Each employee or contractor’s electronic key can be programmed to open selected locks on specific days during the hours that allow them to do their job. A key can be set with dates and times to begin and end operation. The electronic key cannot be duplicated and a missing key can be quickly deactivated which eliminates lost-key worries.



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