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Cyber Security Survey: What is most likely to keep you up at night?

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Canadian Security magazine recently asked readers to take our “Cyber Security 2017” survey, sponsored by Trustwave.

Participants identified themselves as:
Security director/senior security manager (28.57%)
Front line security staff or supervisor (21.43%)
Consultant/advisor (14.29%)
IT manager/IT security professional (11.9%)

Other responses included: owner, CEO, data security specialist, researcher and trainer.

Participants were asked to respond to four multiple choice questions and were given the option to submit comments on each. Results and responses will be made available this week and will remain archived on the Cyber Security Week microsite.

Question 1: What cybersecurity issue is most likely to keep you up at night?
Data loss (customer, employee)/privacy breach 39.53%
Insider threat (compromised system, potential data theft) 16.28%
Ransomware/malware attack you’re unprepared for 23.26%
Employee awareness (safe surfing and downloading practices) 20.93%


“Even backups are not safe anymore.”

“Insiders have a greater risk due to the fact that they have that trusted access factor.”

“Users do not take warnings/alerts security issues when it comes to phishing and malware.”

“What happens if you lose this information and it compromises the business and makes the customer less confident of you and your firm?”

“Individuals often ignore security protocols and save documents on their hard drive or USB for convenience.”

“Loss of personal information is more valuable than the money in the bank.”

The answers to questions 2, 3 and 4 will be posted this week.

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