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Cyber Security Survey Part 2: What is your cyber responsibility?

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Canadian Security recently conducted a Cyber Security Survey, sponsored by Trustwave. Respondents answered four questions pertaining to cyber security in their businesses. You can find the answers to Question 1 and more information about the survey-takers here.

Question 2: What is your responsibility in terms of cybersecurity?

I am the main point of contact for cyber-security (30.95%)
I am mainly physical security, but liaise with a cyber team or individual (30.95%)
I have no direct contact with cyber-security issues (28.57%)
The line between data and physical security is blurry, so tough to say (9.52%)


“I have found many times people download documents and leave them on public drives or do not log out, even from their email accounts/ access accounts.”


“When there is something not in your hands, you question this over and over as it relies on a third party expertise.”

“People can access data, then download it to a portable device and walk out of the building!”

The answers to questions 3 and 4 will be available later this week.

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