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As ASSA ABLOY’s curb to core solutions ensure the highest level of safety for all areas of your hospital or practice. From specialized solutions specifically designed for health- care, we will work with you to design a complete security system to keep your building safe inside and out. Use the navigation bar below to learn more about these solutions.

Healthcare facilities often require complex door opening codes. Not only is it important to meet these requirements, but it is also ideal to optimize overall performance in terms of access control and energy loss prevention within the building envelope.

From specialized doors and door assemblies to accessories, ASSA ABLOY Group Brands offer a number of products and solutions to make sure you’re achieving safety, security and environmental sustainability.

Designing the physical environment to aid healing

A relaxing atmosphere is a critical com- ponent to the interior of your healthcare facility. Aesthetically pleasing and ambi- ent designs can completely change the overall feel of your facility for the better.

ASSA ABLOY aims to help you achieve this level of design by optimizing every doorway for positive experiences.

Patient comfort, accessibility and convenience and pharmaceutical storage are all healthcare facility challenges that can be addressed with specialty door opening products from ASSA ABLOY Door Security Solutions.

STC-rated doors ensure patients have the best chance at healing in a quiet environment. Electronic cabinet locks provide safe and accountable storage of pharmaceutical supplies and enables effective protection of health information. Automatic doors enable hands-free entry into critical areas of the hospital or healthcare facility.

Accounting for all these different challenges may be overwhelming, but ASSA ABLOY can help. Our consultative experts will work with you to ensure you are providing the best experience for your patients and staff.

Colour is a unique and effective way that is proven to improve well-being and wayfinding. Studies have shown that colour can actually improve or impair our ability to focus, to learn, to heal and to behave within an architectural environment. Colour improves visual memory, and affects our quality of life. Whether deployed on doors, frames or hardware in biophilic or primary palettes, colour can contribute to the built environment by helping us find out way, and enhancing our experience in a space. Decorative door and hardware from ASSA ABLOY offer pleasing and valuable solutions to improving patient and staff experiences.

ASSA ABLOY Openings Studio soft- ware is cloud-based BIM software that provides collaboration and support for your door openings through the entire life cycle. More than just a specification tool, Openings Studio is used by specification writers, architects, contractors, security consultants, owners, and facility managers to design, build and manage door opening information.

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