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CS Honours keynote: Bob Riddell to address industry transformation

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Bob Riddell

As we began our journey into the third millennium on Jan. 1, 2001, there seemed a slightly more global optimism, especially when it was clear that the predicted cyber collapse had failed to take place.

Global tensions were a bit more relaxed, criminal trends were softening, and both public law enforcement and those of us involved in the disciplines of private security and life safety were increasingly promoting prevention and preparedness, as well as de-escalation skills and reducing the need for the use of force.

It did not take long before Sept. 11, 2001 created new fears, angst and war. Since then, we have witnessed growing global political division, exponential social media growth (including its misuse by disinformation), disruptive state-sponsored activities, increasing exposure to cyber threats, and all the remaining post-COVID pandemic issues including supply chain, economics, staff shortage, social workplace change, to name a few.

Certainly, all these factors have contributed to aggressive tension within the communities that we serve, and as practitioners within the disciplines of both public and private security, there is a need to work collaboratively in dealing with those issues.

When navigating such uncharted waters, it is useful to reflect upon historical principles to reassess and navigate future paths. The nine principles of policing attributed to Sir Robert Peel and two of his colleagues in 1829 arguably seem to remain a fit when applied to both current public and private sectors. Using those as a foundation, Bob Riddell, President and Founding Advisor of Riddell Risk Management Inc., will endeavour to link those concepts to the private and public sectors as they both struggle with today’s modern challenges.

Riddell believes there is good reason for public and private stakeholders to engage in joint investments to enhance collaborative strategic security and life-safety risk management. More so, they should explore opportunities to break down silos and develop well-integrated public-private partnerships.

Join us for Canadian Security Honours (Oct. 6 at 1PM ET) to hear more from Bob Riddell during his keynote address, Opportunities, Obstacles, and Transformation for Partnerships Between Private Security and Public Emergency Services.

Also featured, award presentations for: Emerging Leader, Community Leader, Lifetime Achievement Award and a live reveal of this year’s Security Director of the Year.

Registration is open and available free of charge.

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