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Controller retrofit solution

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AMAG Technology's Symmetry SR Controllers are designed for new installations, as well as for customers who are facing a security system limitation or an aging scenario with a competitor’s product.

AMAG’s SR Controllers enable a customer to upgrade their aging or discontinued security management system easily and affordably, and protect their current infrastructure investment by reusing existing cards, readers, enclosures and wiring.

The SR Controllers use a pluggable backplane architecture efficiently designed into a compact enclosure. The controllers are fully interoperable with Symmetry’s multiNODE M2150 and EN series of controllers, so the ideal architecture can be used within a customer’s environment.

The SR Controller supports up to 16 card readers and easily expands using plug-in door controller and I/O modules, allowing fast, cost effective installations or retrofits for any size system. Each SR Controller has onboard memory for 200,000 card holders, but there is no limit to the number of card holders a Symmetry Security Management System can support. With Symmetry Security Management Software, the SR Controller range delivers a seamless security management system to protect facilities small and large, while leveraging the customer’s current infrastructure investment and providing a low total cost of ownership.

When a customer upgrades using SR Controllers, a Symmetry software solution provides:
– Integrated access control, IP video and intrusion detection functionality
– Minimal system downtime
– Assistance with migration planning for a successful transition to Symmetry technology
– Preservation of existing readers, device wiring, and terminations
– Preservation of badge population and current investment


Key features of the SR Controller include:
– High-density solution for access control, especially retrofits
– Connects to Symmetry Security Management Software via LAN, WAN, RS232 or Modem
– AES (128 or 256 bit) encrypted communications to Symmetry software
– Up to 16 doors and card readers per controller
– Retain existing smart card, proximity, or magstripe card readers
– Modular mix and match configuration using plug-in circuit boards
– Support for serial- connected chains of up to 32 controllers – minimize consumption of network resources, retain existing wiring

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