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Consider online learning

By John Romain   

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The delivery of online learning is one area where organizations can realize significant savings through the use of technology.

This is a significant development for organizations, with large and dispersed employee pools, especially when facing increasing pressures to ensure that they are delivering current, targeted and effective learning to their employees. With the ability to deliver consistent, auditable, targeted, yet flexible learning to all of their personnel, security organizations have at their disposal a tool that can significantly impact the cost of learning delivery and the quality of their personnel.

This will become increasingly important as security organizations are faced with training that will be mandated by legislation, such as Use of Force and Occupational Health and Safety. It will also become more of a concern with the migration of security into roles traditionally held by policing organizations and the increased training those roles will require.

The development of online learning materials is no different than is the development of in-class materials. That means a needs assessment will have to be conducted, followed by the development of learning outcomes, appropriate learning activities and lesson plans, as well as an evaluation strategy. Where online learning does differ from traditional in-class delivery is in the activities that can be used to ensure that the learning styles of all potential learners can be targeted — and in the time it takes to deliver equivalent amounts of learning.

Through the use of animation, images, audio, video, music and interactive gameplay, properly developed online learning will ensure that the learner has an enjoyable experience that is engaging. According to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (, online learning permits students to retain more information than classroom-based learning and complete courses more efficiently and in less time.  

John Romain is the president of the Infinity Human Resource Group (

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