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Conestoga College offers advanced security studies program

Jennifer Brown   

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Responding to industry demand for a college program that would train security supervisors, Kitchener, Ont.-based Conestoga College has launched an Advanced Security Studies post-grad diploma aimed at graduates of the Law And Security Administration program and those coming out of university programs.

“The Ministry (of  Community Safety and Correctional Services) is
trying to improve the minimum level of training and we’re really trying
to improve the higher level of the industry,” says program coordinator
James Phillips. He says the program, which will be three semesters and
culminate in a paid co-op, provides skills that will help take someone
to the next level of employment.

Conestoga already has three employers offering to take students for the co-op portion of the program.
“The industry told us this is what we’re really missing in the industry,” says Phillips.

In creating the course, Conestoga held a one-day session last summer to
seek input from a variety of stakeholders including Canada Border
Services and organizations like Woodbine Entertainment.
“It was important to me that this not be LASA year three,” he says.

The Advanced Security Studies program will also give graduates of LASA
programs some extra time and education before heading into the
competitive job market.

In addition to LASA graduates, Phillips says university graduates
coming out of criminology degree programs are looking for this kind of
program to give them an advantage when applying for jobs.

“Many of them are trying to land higher-level jobs with security firms,” he says.

Courses will include Co-op and Career Preparation, Advanced
Professional Communication, Advanced Information Security, 
Investigative Case Management, Leadership Skills for Security
Supervisors, HR skills, effective decision making and Security
Technology Integration.

“We included that one because while the head office may have all the
latest and greatest technology, your plant in Belleville may not,” says

Conestoga is currently accepting applications to the program for enrollment in September 2008.
Other colleges in Ontario such as Mohawk, Algonquin and Niagara College
that offer Law and Security Administration programs are also adding
similar advanced programs.

Conestoga is also launching an Advanced Police Studies program for Police Foundation or LASA graduates.

For more information on the Conestoga programs, go to

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