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Commissionaires Ottawa Group acquires ADGA

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Commissionaires Ottawa Group has acquired ADGA Group to meet a demand for enhanced security in communities, according to a statement from the security company.

The company has stated that this move signals the next advancement in Commissionaires Ottawa Group’s business growth strategy. The group of companies intends to be a one-stop, full spectrum of cyber, electronic, physical, and personnel security solutions as well as defence, space and Information Management/Information Technology expertise.

ADGA Group has a history of developing and supporting command and control systems as well as implementing, fielding, and supporting simulations systems for Canada’s military.

“Commissionaires Ottawa’s tradition has been to hire from the military community and give back to the military community, rounding out our experience with industry-leading security personnel and technical expertise. ADGA Group honours this practice, with close to 20 per cent of ADGA employees and independent contractors being veterans and/or reservists,” said Captain Paul Guindon, CEO, Commissionaires Ottawa Group, in a statement.


Commissionaires Ottawa Group includes ComNet Networks and Security Inc. which was acquired in 2018. It also includes the former DBP Systems and Extravision Security Technologies Inc., acquired in 2019 and 2020. ADGA Group will retain its brand and operations. The company stated that Commissionaires Ottawa Group represents a quarter billion dollars in revenue and nearly 5,000 employees. All three companies are Canadian owned and operated, with a total of 17 offices in Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

“As the Gen Z wave begins to join our ranks, along with millennials and Gen X, we value their strong technical skills and diverse backgrounds. For our employees and their families, we are increasing and expanding career and advancement opportunities for them across three companies. For our private and public sector clients, working with one of us opens the door to potentially working with all of us, so we can help them meet all of their current and emerging security needs,” Guindon added.

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