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CamEvator makes fixing and maintaining traffic cameras safer

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With Moog Videolarm's new CamEvator -- an automated system for lifting and lowering highway traffic and security cameras -- road crews can repair highway traffic cameras up to 80 feet in the air without leaving the ground. Moog Videolarm designed the CamEvator to automatically bring overhead traffic and surveillance cameras down to earth, then back up. The electric-powered CamEvator is an alternative to raising crews into the air to repair cameras or relying on hand-cranked lowering systems.

The CamEvator includes a 35.5-inch aluminum-alloy arm stretching perpendicularly from the top of a utility pole. Inside the arm, an electric winch motor (powered by 120VAC) and cabling system connects to a camera housing, which road crews can automatically move up and down by unlocking a secure operating system at the base of the pole. Repair crews can stand at a safe distance, up to 170 feet from the pole and operate the CamEvator via remote control. The lifting arm also includes a system for ensuring a straight and smooth lift of the camera payload, even in windy conditions. The CamEvator’s one-piece construction makes for easy installation of the unit since there is no cabling to run inside a utility pole.

Crews can mount the CamEvator up to 80 feet in the air on any DOT-approved utility pole. Installation of the 120-pound unit takes just a few hours. The CamEvator’s self-encased motorized system can lift or lower fixed or Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras. The unit includes an auto reset circuit breaker at ground level, allowing road crews to reset the unit from the base of the pole if a breaker trips due to a power surge.  The CamEvator requires no mission-critical maintenance once shipped.

Moog Videolarm Inc.

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