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Bosch upgrades video analysis

Bosch has introduced the latest version of its intelligent video analysis software, the IVA 3.5. Features include line crossing, object trajectory, aspect ratio, condition change detection and colour filtering. Triggers can transmit alerts in case of abnormal activity (e.g., running, crouching), and because video can be processed for those events, resulting in fewer false alarms. The system is configured via a wizard-based task manager which assists in creating alarm rules for individual cameras. The software optionally includes forensic search potential, which scans video metadata far faster than a manual scan.

IVA 3.5 now comes with the latest Bosch cameras and encoders, and requires a license for activation. IVMD 2.0 users can upgrade to IVA 3.5 for free when they update their firmware.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.

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