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Bosch illuminators include 3D diffuser technology

Bosch Security Systems Inc. introduced the AEGIS SuperLED series of long-range infrared illuminators designed to optimize night-time video surveillance. With patent-pending technology, the AEGIS SuperLED series delivers more evenly-lit images and greater consistency of light levels than standard LED illuminators.

AEGIS SuperLED illuminators feature Constant Light technology to deliver a consistent level of lighting performance throughout the life of the lamp ”“ even when operating in fluctuating temperatures. Powered by an intelligent microprocessor, this technology automatically controls and adjusts output to compensate for the degradation that naturally occurs with all LED illuminators. As a result, customers gain long-term reliability and performance with the AEGIS SuperLED series ”“ continuously achieving 1,049 feet (320 meters) of infrared illumination.

With 3D Diffuser Technology, AEGIS SuperLED illuminators deliver up to 120 degrees horizontal beam widths and provide more evenly-lit images. By eliminating hotspot foregrounds and underexposed backgrounds,Ӭ3D Diffuser Technology produces crisp images that more closely resemble those captured during daylight hours. Image noise is significantly decreased, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements and enabling night-time performance of video content analysis.

Bosch Security Systems Inc.

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