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Avax introduces FlashTape drive

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Avax International, a provider of hardware and software storage products focused on data protection, has announced the availability of the FlashTape drive — a  plug and play replacement for legacy tape drives that writes to readily available flash cards instead of magnetic tape.

FlashTape units are available with SCSI or Pertec interface and are
targeted at systems that require a specific tape technology.  Such
drives include 9-track, 3480/3490, QIC, 8mm, DAT or DLT drives. Data is
stored on an industry standard Compact Flash (CF) card, which can be
easily removed, and treated as a replacement for the tape cartridge.

The FlashTape allows the user to continue with the existing hardware
and software while replacing fragile and often hard to get tape with
readily available flash cards. FlashTape offers a complete tape
emulation with no moving parts and no read/write head to clean.  The
problem of “shoe-shining” where the tape drive continually has to
reposition if the data does not arrive at the tape drive quickly enough
is completely eliminated, as are long rewind and search times.
FlashTape units can be used in seismic applications which require large
block sizes.

FlashTape units support Compact Flash,  XD, MMC,  Microdrive,  Memory
Stick  or SD card (via suitable PCMCIA adaptor). FlashTape units are
available as tray mount to replace internal tape drives, as standalone
desktop units or in rack mount configuration.

Avax International

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