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Lenco Industries, Inc., introduces its BearCat G3 armored tactical vehicle. The BearCat G3 offers exceptional off-road capability with standard 4 wheel drive and high ground clearance, critical for many Border Security operations.

In addition, the G3 offers an open floor plan with dual AC to comfortably accommodate a fully-equipped team of up to 12 officers. Like all Lenco vehicles, the G3 features military-grade armor certified to defeat multi-hit attacks and ceilings and floors that provide enhanced blast and fragmentation protection. The vehicle also features ballistic glass windows with the same level of protection as the body along with gunports located around the vehicle.  

Also to be highlighted at the expo, Lenco’s proprietary gas injector unit, which received the 2011 Tactical Innovation Award. Mounted on the static or hydraulic ram, this unique tool allows for the controlled delivery of chemical agents into a hostile environment from the safety of an armored BearCat.  

Lenco US and International Sales reps will be on hand to discuss the company’s other military and law enforcement BearCat models, including the BearCat G2 variant, the MedCat designed specifically for Tactical EMS teams operating alongside other operatives, and the BombCat – a vehicle built specifically for the needs of ordinance disposal experts dealing with the growing threat of homemade explosive devices.


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