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Airport screening rules updated for transgender travellers

Screening procedures at Canadian airports have received an upgrade to better serve transgender travellers, a CBC web article writes.

The article further explains an internal operations bulletin by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), issued Sept. 28, 2016:

Under the new procedures, trans passengers can request a search by a male or a female officer, or they can request a “split search,” where a female searches one half of the body and a male officer searches the other half.

CATSA spokesman Mathieu Larocque said the new policy was not prompted by complaints or any specific incident.

The notice said that CATSA consulted with Egale Canada in developing the new protocol.


But Egale’s executive director Helen Kennedy said that although there were discussions, she was not aware the new policy had been implemented. She worries the policy could do more harm than good if there is not a thorough understanding of the policy and comprehensive training for officers.

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