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AFIMAC Global puts thieves on notice with marking agent

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AFIMAC Global is introducing a new crime-fighting tool to its clients. Through an exclusive partnership with SmartWater, headquartered in Great Britain, AFIMAC now brings this globally proven product to the private market in the United States.

“This product is a game changer for our clients who are currently or potentially faced with the mandate to mitigate risks to property, personnel, and assets,” says Peter Martin, AFIMAC’s CEO. “SmartWater’s decision to select our organization for this partnership is a direct acknowledgement that our client base is second to none and that our company is the premier choice for organizations with advanced products looking to bring those technologies to North America.”

SmartWater is a clear liquid (real water) that contains a unique forensic code that lasts under all weather conditions unlike other less effective DNA-based marking agents. The non-hazardous patented liquid is sprayed onto offenders, can be brushed or sprayed onto property, and leaves a mark that is invisible except under ultraviolet black light. Clients use their own unique forensic formula to identify a crime-specific offender or valuables at risk to theft, providing an undeniable proof of ownership that is logged in a global database. When thieves are sprayed with the liquid during the commission of a crime, evidence of the non-soluble marking permeates their clothing and skin, linking them directly to the crime scene for up to 5 years. Further information can be found at

AFIMAC investigators and asset protection teams will prepare the product for deployment in client locations and will assist law enforcement in collecting specimens and maintaining the continuity of evidence prior to its transportation to SmartWater’s private laboratory for criminal forensic analysis.

“All of our clients are going to have access to this technology,” says Martin. He sees exceptional promise for mitigating the high rates of theft in a cross-section of companies, especially those in the cargo, retail, commodity, pharmaceutical, and telecommunication industries.


While the technology and deployment of SmartWater is a private enterprise, Martin also envisions the product will strengthen AFIMAC’s ties to federal, state, and municipal law enforcement agencies. “We have cultivated very deep relationships with law enforcement over the years,” he says. “Those contacts are going to be eager to enhance their ability to reduce organized and petty crimes in their communities.”

For years, the insurance and security industry has been searching for a credible technology that can significantly reduce crime and lead to convictions. “We believe SmartWater is the answer,” says Martin, “and we are extremely excited to be bringing it to any market that needs solutions.”

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