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Q&A with Dwayne Gulsby, president of Securitas Canada
Dwayne Gulsby talks to Canadian Security about his first year on the job, his thoughts about guard legislation and what might be wrong with the tendering process. more...
View a video interview with Dwayne Gulsby here

The dangerous business of counterfeit goods
The combination of massive profit margins and slap-on-the-wrist legal penalties has made counterfeiting a lucrative and popular practice in Canada, according to a Toronto lawyer in the know.

Canada's best kept secret
by Glen Kitteringham
The public needs to recognize the value of the security industry, but movies like Mall Cop aren't helping.

Body armour crackdown doing gangs a favour
by Brian Robertson
New legislation may only hurt law-abiding citizens and those trying to protect them.

This Week in Canadian Security:

Vests put to the test
CSIS study finds overwhelming support for body armour regulation

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Avax introduces
FlashTape drive
Drive writes to flash cards instead of magnetic tape
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Network camera series with H.264/MJPEG dual codecs
Sanyo has nine new HD surveillance cameras that offer up to 4MP MJPEG and HD video
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Samsung offers two
new IR cameras
SIR-4160 and SIR-4260V feature Samsung Techwin’s DSP (W5) image processing technology
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Canadian Security

Cover Story:
Gaétan Houle, vice-president, Corporate Security, Bell Canada
Gaétan Houle talks about the drastic increase in attempted telecom fraud since the beginning of the recession, and what the company is doing to manage the threat. Houle is also part of the team at Bell responsible for securing the critical infrastructure supporting the 2010 Olympics.

10 Tips for going to tender
Navigating the complicated waters of the RFP, RFQ, RFT process. What homework should you do before going to tender and what are biggest mistakes end-users make?

Nipping fraud losses at the root
Investors and shareholders today demand that organizations address and mitigate the risk of fraud and take proactive measures to bring fraud to light should it occur. An expert at KPMG looks at steps organizations can take to protect themselves.

In every issue:
Viewpoint with Brian Robertson
CCTV & The Law with Elliott Goldstein
The Security Director’s Perspective: By Glen Kitteringham
Book Review

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Basic Level 1 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course (CPTED) October 19-21, 2009 Hampton Inn & Conference Centre, Ottawa Security Through Safe Design inc.(877) 787-7873

Security Canada Central October 21-22, 2009 Toronto Congress Centre Toronto, ON

Advanced Level 2 Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Course (CPTED) October 22–23, 2009 Hampton Inn & Conference Centre, Ottawa Security Through Safe Design inc.(877) 787-7873

Managing the bomb threat October 26, 2009 Explosives Management Group Ottawa

Managing the bomb threat October 28, 2009 Explosives Management Group Toronto

Managing the bomb threat November 9, 2009 Explosives Management Group Ottawa

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