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PPM 2000 - New White Paper

Incident management remains essential for all organizations, no matter their size or scope, and the key to successful incident management is thorough, thoughtful development of security-related metrics and analysis. Raw data can only do so much on its own, but consolidated data—refined by a modern incident management system—turns that data into actionable intelligence.

PPM 2000 proudly presents its latest white paper, Metrics and Analysis in Security Management. Co-authored by PPM 2000 Co-CEO Brian McIlravey, CPP and former editor of Security Management magazine, Peter Ohlhausen, this document synthesizes current metrics and analysis literature in the security management field, including:

  • How security operations and risk management benefit from the use of metrics and analysis.
  • Process description for developing specific metrics.
  • Consolidating, managing, and making sense of data to strengthen security operations.
  • Useful analyses enabled by dedicated enterprise incident management software.

Published by PPM 2000—but relevant beyond its Perspective incident management solution—this white paper is a must read for analysts, managers, directors, CSOs and anyone interested in successful security management.

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Metrics and analysis (MA) can be used not only to identify security problems but also to gauge the effectiveness of various security measures used to counteract those problems.


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