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4G smart security access control

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 L-1 Identity Solutions, Inc. recently announced a next generation 4G technology platform that transforms an access control device into a smart security appliance through improved performance, interoperability and scalability.

4G access control units are equipped with biometric
and multi-factor authentication,  on-board processing for rapid
and accurate authentication, sophisticated storage, extensible memory,
802.11 wireless connectivity and full-sized colour LCD displays to keep
employees and visitors informed with custom messaging.

Products available today based on 4G  include the V-Station 4G for multi-factor authentication combining
fingerprint, cards and PINs, and V-Flex 4G offering the same power and
capabilities in a smaller more compact unit with finger and/or card

Other 4G access control products from L-1 will be
released throughout 2009, including ruggedized outdoor readers. 4G
access control solutions from L-1 offer exceptional customer value by:

* Integrating access control and workforce management functions for an
intelligent, secure and versatile communications platform. Device
behavior can be dynamically adjusted to meet varying threat levels and
authentication needs.


A full colour 2.5 inch LCD screen enables
real-time notifications and company communication messaging. Intuitive
programmable function keys and storage for one million transaction logs
(compared to the industry standard of 200,000) offers a better and more
extensive time and attendance and access reporting function than ever

* Ensuring optimal results every time with 60 percent faster
matching speeds over the industry average and the largest template
storage capacity available. 4G units contain a quantum leap in
biometric capabilities, now capable of matching 1 to 10,000, or up to
50,000 using binning techniques with search speeds of 6,000 fingerprint
templates per second, compared to the industry average of 1 to 3,000
and matching speeds of 2,000 per second. For large deployments, these
next generation units can store 100,000 templates for one-to-one
verifications, compared to the industry norm of less than 50,000.

Virtually eliminating devices from ever becoming outdated with a highly
scalable and extensible platform that facilitates a seamless flow of
new features and updates. Ensuring that access control devices remain
at the forefront of security technologies typically requires costly
equipment upgrades and time intensive replacement of outdated systems.
L-1 offers a better alternative with the ability to deliver a
continuous flow of new features and capabilities through proprietary
SecureAdmin biometric management software that automates system
management and updating.

The system is flexible and supports
high-quality image capture with 500dpi silicon or optical sensors. Its
scalability enables easy incorporation of additional biometrics and the
plug-and-play family of chips is easily upgradable to add more power as
the system grows. The platform also integrates with leading access
control panels to ensure that the devices work with existing
infrastructure and that they can be centrally managed.

* Reduces
deployment and maintenance costs, cuts trouble shooting and repair
time, and eliminates the cause for 80 percent of returned units. 4G
units enable customers to cut cost of ownership dramatically with an
underlying framework that is easily integrated with third party
systems, designed to be future-ready, and streamlined for easily
installation and ongoing maintenance.

field-replaceable sensors are easily changed by non-experts in
minutes without dismantling the entire system, cutting trouble shooting
and repair time dramatically. It also eliminates the cause of 80
percent of returned units – replacement of fingerprint sensors due to
excessive wear and tear. 4G products are backward compatible,
eliminating the need to re-enroll existing customers.

4G solutions are ideal for enterprise access control, for single door,
stand-alone, graduated threat level, multi-tenant and large enterprise
environments. Single unit pricing starts at $870 MSP per unit.


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